Works > The Museum of Future Memories: Loveseats (2018)

Exhibited at the 33rd Bienal de São Paulo

The Museum of Future Memories: Loveseats considers our spines as architectural detail, space of memory storage and as sensory, sensual and simultaneous. How can a future spine be a place of rest, connection, imagining, loving and exchange? How can a future spine be multiple rather than binary? The Museum of Future Memories is an ongoing series of installations and texts that imagine a shape-shifting space of prescience. This project explores spines as spatial typologies that host personal and collective memory. The spine relates architecturally to the installation space through a relationship to the outside park, trees, insects, living beings as well as inside columns, windows and voids. The spine is a space of connection that relates to light, breath, minerals, tendrils, attraction, structure, defense, repetition, growth, swells, evocation, change, appearance and disappearance.